Diesel Generator

Need a diesel generator today? Specialist manufacturer YorPower with basis in Abuja, Port Harcourt and Lagos can supply at short notice, a wide range of ready to use diesel generators at excellent prices. Any diesel generator, large or small, 10kVA or 500kVA and needed on an urgent basis for emergency power if mains electricity is not available, can be collected or delivered without delay. Mains power failure is sadly all too frequent an occurrence here in Nigeria, but at YorPower we do our best to keep businesses and homes ticking over. Our specialist guide can help provide end users and some industry experts with a better understanding of what to look out for when buying or specifying a diesel generator.

A standard diesel generator will normally be supplied with a silent enclosure to help keep noise levels low, although, if a plant room has been specially constructed, an open type generator can be installed. Most generators can easily be positioned outside with minimal disruption to the business or home. Fuel tanks form part of the base frame and will typically hold enough fuel for up to 8 hours or longer depending on engine type and the generator application.

If you need to buy a diesel generator for backup power call or email YorPower Nigeria today for some impartial advice.